Getting Clients Online – “Show and Tell”
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One of the biggest fears for most people who are thinking about doing business with you online is that they don’t know you personally, and want to make sure you aren’t trying to scam them. The best way to remove this fear from site visitors is to literally take it back to elementary basics “show & tell.” By this I mean you should both show and tell visitors who you are.

Tell them about your company:
a. when it was founded
b. where you are located
c. who the principals are
d. who the core management team is
e. who some of your customers are
f. what you do

Show them pictures of:
a. big events that you have attended (trade shows, symposiums, seminars)
b. your Office
c. your products
d. key executives
e. recreational activities and events with clients and staff members

These are just a few examples, but just remember to treat them as if they were walking into your office for the first time. What do you have in your lobby that tells clients who you are, what about your office? Do you have pictures on your desk? Do you have diplomas on the wall?

Just remember that clients on the internet cannot see these things, so try to show them in the best way you can. Make sure they know that you are real people and that will clear a huge hurdle in getting business in the online world.