What Lance is doing that you aren’t.
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When Lance was the only one in his office who was single, his “friends” got together and decided to help him out. So they put up this billboard.

Oh yeah and they made him his very own website as well:


While this is a pretty funny prank that ever so timely in the month of February, what I want to call your attention to is how clear the message is here: Lance is looking for someone to date (or at least his friends are looking for someone for him to date!).

And while some might argue that he must have a strong desire to be miserable (that was a joke), lets assume that he’s looking for someone to enhance his life.

In dating we look for someone who is capable of enhancing our lives and fulfilling a portion of our personal lives that we are not capable of fulfilling on our own.

Now why don’t we do the same thing in our businesses? There are so many opportunities to find a great business “match” or as they are more commonly known: Joint Ventures (JV).

Finding the right JV can allow you to:

– reach an entirely new group of people for little to no up front cost
– leverage the relationship that another business has spent a lot of time and money creating with their customers and monetize it for your own benefit
– offer products and services to your existing customers that you don’t have to take the time to create or service and still make money
– Expand your business into new territories
– And so much more!

And this is just a very small list of things I wanted to outline just to get you thinking about these JV opportunities. There are thousands of other benefits, but you get the point. The opportunities are endless.

So, like Lance, why don’t you go out and try to find a great match for your business? Who knows, if you tell your friends they may even put up a billboard for you.