The Secret Summit of Million Dollar Marketers
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I just returned from a meeting that you probably had no idea existed. I had heard rumors of this meeting taking place in the past, but this time I too got the call to attend.

The meeting took place in a midwestern town that was practically in the middle of nowhere. I assume this is because it was very inconspicuous and no one there would recognize the celebrities who were present, 20 of the best marketers in the world to be exact.

I don’t know for sure how many total there were, but I do know there were at least 3 private jets at the airport from the members of this group. All that to tell you that this was not a vacation or some gimmicky trade show, these guys were collectively worth hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour and we met for two full days.

I learned about all sorts of new business ventures and consumer trends that are going to take the world by storm in 2008. I learned that in these “hard times” consumer electronics giant Best Buy sold more televisions leading up to the Super Bowl than they ever have before. We even looked at the driving force behind both political parties and what was taking place behind the scenes in order to mount a successful 2008 presidential election campaign.

But what I was really fascinated by, is that fact that no matter what industry these marketers specialized in (including real estate, which is arguably in a very tough position), the fact remains that there is PLENTY of money to be made in this market.

We all hear talk of a recession and it seems like every news channel on television is predicting that “the sky will fall” at any moment. But what makes these marketers so successful is the fact that they don’t listen to anyone, including the news. They find ways to make money in any market. And there’s really only one secret to that: Find the point of pain for the consumer and find a way to meet the need.

It doesn’t matter what economy we are facing, there are always needs that need to be met. And depending on the market, the needs change. If you sit in a corner and sulk about how the world no longer needs your product or service (even temporarily) then you are going to feel the pinch of a tighter economy. If on the other hand, like these uber-successful marketers, you are willing to adapt to meet the needs of the consumer then these times are no different than any others. You still stand to make a fortune (and possible more of a fortune than in good times when everyone else is competing in the market too).

So the next time you hear anyone talking about how the sky is going to fall or that a recession is coming, just be sure to smile and nod while you laugh inside…mostly because that’s one less person competing with you for consumers’ money.