American Idol 2008 Picks
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Back on March 17th, on my Business Blog, I posted the following post:

When there were 10 left, I made my top 5 picks for American Idol.

Interestingly enough I got the top 2 right and Brooke White did make the top 5. 3 out of 5 isn’t bad odds for the music biz!

I think David Archuletta will win, however, when he puts out his first record, if he tries to go too pop I believe he will be eaten alive. I believe he will do best in the A/C market with Josh Groban and Michael Buble. We’ll have to wait and see.

I do feel that David Cook will sell way more records, and that he’s a more mainstream artist, but I don’t think he can overcome the 12 year old girls who are in love with David Archuletta that will hang out for hours and text into the show. Tune in next week and we’ll see.