Are you relevant?
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I hope my subject line didn’t make your heart skip a beat because you thought I was being rude, but my point is that this should be the exact question you ask yourself when trying to communicate with your “audience” of prospects and customers.

If you can stay relevant, and integrate current events, pop culture and news items that your prospects and customers are paying attention to into your marketing, your message will be much better received and it will be more likely that your audience will act on your message.

If you have been reading my posts and articles for the past few months, you’ll notice that I have posted several times about American Idol. It’s currently the biggest show on TV, and I have found several ways to relate it to what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen those posts (as well as my CORRECT prediction for the American Idol 2008 Top 2 Finalists, David Archuletta and David Cook more than 9 weeks ago!) you can view those here:

The Idol Factor

American Idol 2008 Picks

Ok, so now onto the even better news. The better news is that relevant chatter can have an even bigger effect than the one you expected! Because I have been talking about American Idol and making predictions, I got quoted last year in the Arizona Republic Newspaper on my thoughts on the career of last year’s American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks. And just this week, I was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune on what I thought about David Archuleta’s prospects for a successful career. And the interesting thing about this article is that my quote is not in the company of hacks or has-beens. My quote is right alongside Julianne Hough, winner of Dancing with the Stars, 4 Time Grammy(R) Award Winner, Erykah Badu, and the late, great Waylon Jennings’ son and popular musician, Mason Jennings as well as a who’s who of industry pundits. All of this took place because I was relevant.

And because I am here to show you how I use these strategies to continue the Celebrity Branding® process to get you more clients, here’s what else I did: I had a press release written about my quote in the Salt Lake Times. You can view it here:

Orlando Music Lawyer Nick Nanton Speaks Out on American Idol Finalist David Archuleta

Now the first thing you might ask is, “who cares about a quote in a newspaper? Is any news outlet really going to pick that kind of press up? No way!” This is a great question, and you’re right, no major news outlet will pick this story up, HOWEVER, it is important to note that online traffic is driven through key words and getting press syndicated online is much easier to do than getting it picked up in a major news outlet. That press release will be picked up by literally tens of thousands of websites through online syndication. (If you want to know how to do that, send me an email and I’ll tell you). And every time its syndicated, it includes my key words as well as, the most important part, a link back to my website. Now this link is important because people can now link from the article back to my website, but the even more important factor is that there will now be tens of thousands of websites syndicating my press release that will have a link back to my website, and will be giving Google a “vote” that says, that site is so good I’m going to send my visitors there! This is huge for Search Engine Marketing and for getting great organic rankings (non-paid rankings in Google.

Notice that the subject line contains Key Words I was trying to get attention with: Orlando Music Lawyer (I use this to attract entertainment clients) as well as using David Archuleta’s full name in the subject line. And guess when I released it, May 20th, the day of the final performances. And guess when I’m releasing this blog? May 21st, the day the new American Idol winner will be crowned. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

Just so you don’t have to think it through, lets recap the lesson that can be learned here:

In the past week, the week of the American Idol finals, I have been quoted in a major newspaper along with other celebrities on a subject that is extremely relevant in pop culture (not to mention to my audience of musicians and songwriters who are interested in hiring me to represent them), I had a press release sent out on the wire and posted to my websites on the day of the final American Idol performances and I posted a blog on the day the American Idol for the 2008 season is crowned that discusses the same subject matter. I have also used the key words: David Archuleta, American Idol (no less than 14 times!), David Cook, Jordin Sparks and Orlando Music Lawyer within this post. Do you see a pattern here?

Stay relevant and use keywords online to drive your audience to you. Its one of the most magnetic strategies you can find for attracting people to you.

And now, since I know you’ve all been waiting for my American Idol 2008 pick for the winner, here it is (drum roll please)………

And the Winner of American Idol 2008 will be: DAVID.

If I was smart I would stop there, but I can’t help but try to keep my prediction train rolling. I really think David Archuleta will win (he has the teeny bopper vote on lock down), but I think David Cook will sell more records. I’m more confident that David Cook will sell more records than I am that he will come in second place, but there you have it. And I promise, this is the last you’ll hear from me about American Idol– at least until it becomes relevant again.