Who is making money right now?
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This is a question to ask yourself now and to also put in your calendar to ask yourself every 6 months.

Who is making money now and what are they doing?

Let me give you an example. Six months ago Mortgage brokers were dying on the vine. Many talented people in the industry went broke or moved out of the business because the mortgage industry dried up.

Now, things are changing. No, not everyone is making money but some are, and the industry is starting to turn because interest rates are falling. When long term rates fall far enough, people begin to refinance.

Refinancing is a sweet spot in the mortgage brokerage business because anyone with property and an interest rate about 1.5% higher than the refinance rate is a candidate to refinance and the sale to those people is starting to become a no brainer. Once the rush begins, history shows us that money is to be made fast for those that get their business lined up and a system to process it. So who is making money now