Become a Journalist, Quickly and Easily with YouTube
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I was reading through a Mashable post today, as I usually do– and by the way if you don’t read their stuff, you should be! It’s the best stuff out on the web on social media trends and tips.

In any event, today they had a post titled “The Journalist’s Guide to YouTube” that had some great tips in it, but the one that really caught my eye was the last one was a section titled “How Journalists Can Use YouTube” that discussed a really cool way for people all over the world to broadcast local news, and a link to educational content that will teach you how to do it well.

They mentioned that one of the toughest things for broadcasters, traditionally, was to get video content from people in local communities, talking about news right as it happens around them. Twitter has obviously made this type of reporting available to anyone with a cell phone, but I hadn’t considered how video could revolutionize this new way of reporting by showing user generated videos on your local news channels. Think about the repercussions of that for not just news, but for TV programming in general as the web continues to take over “what” and “how” we watch video.

Check out the post here, hopefully it’ll get your juices flowing like it did mine!