Price Can Have an Appeal
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Cheap is not my favorite word when selling, but it is a marketing position and should always be considered for a loss leader or name capture if nothing else.

During this recession and economic pullback, price can have an appeal and if you can compete on that level than you should point it out loudly and even make it a competitive advantage.

A couple of interesting examples and how value can be successfully marketed is Validas ( and InchWorm Shoes (

Validas offers to shave an average of 22% off your mobile phone bill by letting them analyze what you are currently paying and making some suggested changes. You can upload your bill and pay $5 for a report that shows a breakdown of usage, compares carriers, and makes other suggestions for saving money.

InchWorm Shoes is a clever example of problem solving. We all know the cost of shoes and for kids how fast they outgrow them. Inchworm Shoes has a special technology that allows you to increase the size of your child