Put Your Best Image Forward
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One of the most important personal branding tools is a professional photo. Please note that I said professional photo; the image you use for your personal brand should be taken by a professional to ensure that you are portraying the right image.

There are photographic styles for every image, but a quick snapshot taken by your friend with poor lighting, a busy background and other people in the image is probably not the best image for your brand. A friend in the publishing industry tells the story of a famous actor – I dare not name – who was to appear in a magazine. When a request was made for the actor’s photo, he sent a picture of himself at what appeared to be a cocktail event with his arms around other partygoers. It was an all-around terrible photograph. A second request was sent for a better picture; the actor’s rep informed the publication that it was the best picture available. What? Surely, this is an exaggeration? I am afraid not. The friend made do with the image, but it was a poor representation.

While you may not have a magazine knocking today, what if one calls tomorrow? Are you ready? If not, it’s time to get a professional picture taken. A branding agency (like Celebrity Branding Agency) can steer you in the direction of an appropriate photographer (and other branding strategies to get those magazines and clients knocking).

Now, before you go deleting all of your party pics and family photos. There is a time and a place for those snapshots – think social media. Go ahead; share your favorite pics on Facebook, your blog, etc., wherever you connect with your clients on a personal level. But when it comes to the image for your brand, let a professional help you look professional.