Are You a One-Hit Wonder?
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Many of you know that I have been involved with music my whole life. I’ve learned that the music business is pretty much like any other industry. A lot of the same strategies we use with our branding agency, I used in one way or another managing bands and artists over that last several years.

I’ve always tried to help others, whether it is in music or other areas of business where developing a personal brand is key to long-term success. I’ve always asked if they want to be a “one-hit wonder” or a “hall of famer.”

Remember these gems?

1974 – “Kung Fu Fighting” Carl Douglas
1983 – “Too Shy” Kajagoogoo
1992 – “I’m Too Sexy” Right Said Fred

All of these were massive hits, but the artists eventually faded into obscurity. As you can see, this is a phenomenon that has been around for decades.

So what does this have to do with personal branding?

Well, ask yourself if the decisions you are making are geared toward instant (and possibly fleeting) success, or the long-term success of your business or personal brand.

Take blogging for example. There’s nothing wrong with blogging. (You’re reading one now!) But are you ONLY writing blogs or “tweets?” When was the last time that you wrote a special report or an article series about something in your area of expertise? Ever write a book? Are you consistently producing contents in different formats, DVD, CD, printed information products, digital products and more?

It all comes down to the music analogy: Are you releasing singles or albums? How about a concept album or box set? Are you touring?

What else could you be doing to solidify a career in the business? Or, you can just sit back like 99% of the bands I’ve ever worked with and wait for “a big record label” to come along and catapult you to success…which can happen, but just remember…he who gives the success, can usually take it away with the touch of the button– or the lowering of a budget.

These are all things that can have lasting effects on your client base, as opposed to a quick thought here and there. Try to think of ways that you can create valuable content for your clients – information that will be a reference for them whenever they need your expertise.

All of us would like to have the “smash hit” right away – and perhaps it’s easier than building a lasting career. Take a look at artists and businesses that have been able to avoid the “one-hit” wonder label. They have lasted and thrived because they are always looking at the big picture. They are always thinking of new ways to build their brand and offer their customers (or fans) interesting, relevant and lasting information.

Are you a “one-hit wonder” or a “hall-of-famer?”