Personal Branding Goes Gaga
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Not satisfied with the small screen any more, reportedly Lady Gaga is looking to move to the big screen in what she hopes will be the next blockbuster music movie even though there is no script, producer, director, or plan.

The slight negative tone to this blog is not to diminish the music star’s ability to keep her career in the news and everyone guessing, “what’s next”? Does anyone know, may be the better question.

Naturally, an announcement of a potential movie deal is a long way from the appearance of one and hints of movies give Gaga and company many opportunities to continue to stir the press machine as more information is leaked to a willing press and fan base.

From our brand positioning perch, we naturally applaud the next expansion of the Gaga brand but would hope that someone in the Gaga camp thinks strategically and doesn’t just jump from project to project without focus. There is clearly lots of money to be made from her growing brand and fan base, but at some point you have to make decisions on direction if for no other reason than to solidify what you have. This is not to suggest that Lady Gaga go conservative, heaven forbid the disastrous affect of that. On the contrary, it is an urge to focus and fill in the core of your brand base, making it stronger and ready for bigger challenges. Movies are coming but in the meantime, keep cranking the music machine and building your core fan base.