Personal Branding Tip: Choose To Be Different!
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I love when I come across a story that shows a business thinking outside the box when it comes to their marketing.

I recently heard an interview with one of the members of the band Cheap Trick. The band was preparing to do a string of 9 shows in Vegas where they will play the entire album of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, along with some of their own popular hits. This is interesting enough on it’s own, but what really stood out to me was a little interesting and humorous exchange at the end of the interview.

When asked about their new album, front man Robin Zander proclaimed “Right now we have the number one 8-track in the world!”

8-track? Did I hear that right? The host was laughing and asking the same question. It turns out, while he knew this was pretty funny, Robin was serious! Their latest recording, called “The Latest,” is available on CD, as a digital download, and yes, as an 8-track!

Being involved in personal branding with our branding agency, this got me thinking about niche marketing and how personalities and businesses can use quirky and unorthodox branding and marketing methods to add to the desired perception of their brand.

I think this was a brilliant idea by Cheap Trick. I’ve always believed that when planning your marketing strategy, it’s always a good idea to see what others are doing, and do the opposite! Now, I’m not saying that you should neglect some of the more obvious forms of marketing – advertising, email campaigns, direct mailing, etc – but find that niche of your industry that you can also try to serve as well.

In this case, Cheap Trick has offered an 8-track release (at a premium price, no less) for those who still prefer the format (yes, there are people like that!), and it has also created a buzz about the release. It’s a talking point in interviews – and it gets people talking! They’ve always been known as a fun and upbeat rock and roll band, and this only helps to increase that perception – it bolsters their personal brand even more.

The music business is certainly a crowded marketplace – much like many other industries. Think of ways that you can separate yourself from the noise and stand out when it’s time for you to push a new product or service.