Personal Branding: Building Your Brand With Video
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In our last blog, Personal Branding: A Great Picture Can Go A Long Way, we discussed the importance of consistently using a quality photo of yourself to help build the foundation of your brand – not to mention a good first impression. Now, with that in mind, just imagine how video can build upon that!

The age-old quest for small businesses has been to separate themselves from the pack, and offer a new and unique experience to their customers. With personal branding, we recognize that building your business around your personality can be the most unique attribute you have – you are the only you! Use your personality to let people get to know you. Once people get to know and like you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Using video on your website and across social media platforms can be the single most effective way to showcase your personal brand. Daily, Weekly or bi-weekly videos of you sharing your expertise allows people to see you in action. It allows you to control your message, share information, and create unique value for your customers. Think about it – if you are a specialist in real estate, for example, why not share your expert advice on finding the right property or offer a daily tip on selling your house.

Things like this provide a valuable service for people interested in buying and selling real estate. Once your customers find that you are providing them value, and they get to know you and your personality, the chances that they do business with you in the future increase dramatically.

In a recent post on, it was reported that founder, Nick Denton, discussed how video is the future of online media. Nick talked about the demand for more TV-like online products and how the future will be in video, with text being the way to add context and detail to the media.

I couldn’t agree more…we advise our clients to produce and post as many videos as possible, and compliment them with informative and consistent blogs and articles. All of these tools together will help build a personal brand, let your customers get to know you, and ultimately turn to you when they need an expert in your field.