Personal Branding Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore
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It’s unfortunate that many consultants and branding experts portray personal branding as a serious, difficult process. The truth is that not only can personal branding be fun—but it is actually most effective when you are having fun with it. So today we are going to look at ways to make your personal branding efforts more fun as well as more successful.

1) Be yourself. Many business owners make the mistake of building a serious, all-business personal brand. And while the core of your brand has to be your business expertise, a boring brand is simply not going to be memorable. So spice it up. Showcase your sense of humor. Share some opinions that may surprise people. Don’t hesitate to include your family and personal life into your public brand. You will connect with your audience most effectively when they feel that you are a “real” person just like them—so stop being so uptight all the time!

2) Join clubs and organizations that you genuinely enjoy. Networking is a big part of personal branding—after all, your brand needs an audience. But too many people force themselves to attend conventions and trade shows that they truly have no interest in. Do not go down that road. Instead, seek out organizations that you will truly enjoy. If you like acting, join a theatre club that meets every week. Or find a club for fellow hobby enthusiasts. Make friends, be yourself, build your brand—and you might be surprised by how many valuable connections you create. And you will have fun in the process!

3) Support causes that you believe in. Supporting the community is a great way to gain exposure for you and your business—while helping out a good cause at the same time. Rather than supporting specific causes because you always have or because you feel a duty to, seek out causes that you are passionate about. This could include local schools, community outreach—just about anything. By supporting an effort you truly believe in, you’ll be getting your brand out there while doing something you can truly feel good about.

Your personal branding efforts can be fun—in fact, they are most effective when you are having fun. So stop viewing branding as a chore and look for ways to make it something you genuinely enjoy.