Celebrity Branding
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Below is a comprehensive list of the resources that we use when Celebrity Branding™ our clients. We hope you find them helpful:

Article Syndication Resources:
www.DNGMediaGroup.com – done-for-you article writing, optimization, podcasting and syndication

Autoresponders and list building service:

Book Publishing Services:
www.LightningSource.com – we have used them for several on-demand print runs of books. They will print 1 book at a time and will even put your book up on Amazon.com and ship it for you when someone orders it. They also have great pricing on larger runs (i.e. 1000 or more)
www.BookSurge.com – full book design, publishing and on-demand printing. This site is owned by Amazon.com and has some great resources
www.LuLu.com – another on-demand solution with a bit of a different twist

Generating Media Buzz:

Greeting Card Campaigns:

National Rollout Programs and Resources[view all]

Newsletter Creation:
www.RiverCityConsulting.com – talk to Justin about designing your entire newsletter
www.ITbsg.com – printing and mailing service for any size run of newsletters
www.NoHassleNewsletters.com – these guys will do it all for you!
www.ConstantContact.com – easy way to generate an e-zine or online newsletter

Video Testimonials:
www.TheUltimateVideoMachine.com – The easiest way to add video to your website in 87 seconds or less!

Press Release Syndication:
www.DNGMediaGroup.com – done-for-you press release writing, optimization, podcasting and syndication
www.PRlog.org – Free but very effective
www.PRweb.com – this site has several levels of service to choose from and even offers podcasting and search engine optimization
www.PRnewswire.com – similar to PRweb.com above
www.BillboardPublicityWire.com – PR syndication service for Entertainment based PR

Shopping Cart System:

www.FreeConferenceCall.com – a free conference bridge service that allows you to do many things including recording your calls, muting all callers but the featured speakers and even gives you some pretty good reports on who was on the call

Transcription Services:

Web Design:
DNGmediaGroup.com – Takes all of the hassle out of your online marketing. Done-for-you web design, marketing and PR