Four Hidden Branding Opportunities
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Branding is all about repetition, right?  (If you have been paying attention to this blog, you know that the answer to this question is yes!)  Whether it is your logo, your picture, or your writing—the more your customers and your market are exposed to your brand, the more powerful it becomes.  That’s the reasoning behind many of the campaigns I help my clients run—social media, blogging, article publishing… it’s all about getting their names out there regularly.  However, if you focus only on the “big” branding tactics, you overlook many less obvious but powerful branding opportunities.  Below are four of my favorite hidden branding opportunities:

1) Email signature. How many times per week do your clients see your signature?  For many of you, that number will be in the hundreds!  At minimum, you need to have a logo.  You should also include a creative tagline, if appropriate, as well as links to your website, your blog, and your social media profiles. 

2) The holidays. Nowadays, receiving an actual physical card or a letter is unusual.  Take advantage of our digital overload and send your clients some type of tangible card or gift—this is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd! 

3) Your attitude. This is particularly important if you interact with customers and clients regularly—and yet, it is often overlooked.  Are you an optimistic, can-do, anything-is-possible type of person?  Even if you aren’t, try your best to adopt this attitude—because the positive “vibe” you create for your clients is more powerful than you may think. 

4) Answering the phone. I have mentioned this previously because it is a classic missed opportunity!  When the phone rings at your office, whoever picks it up needs to state the name of your business.  (I.E. “Celebrity Branding Agency, this is Nick.”)  Don’t miss this easy opportunity to keep driving your brand identity home!

So there you have it: in addition to your personal branding efforts on social media and through your blog and website, take advantage of these often overlooked opportunities.

If you have creative and/or overlooked branding opportunities, I’d love to hear about them!