Rebecca Gail Barcy
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It’s not just what we receive – all you promised and more – it’s that you actually get it done and get it done fast. Usually, companies have an offer and the client (at least in my past experience) has to do all the work…even when they don’t understand what the work is. So, the client has to almost learn your industry to understand what they need to do. And when they fall short and miss deadlines, it’s like, “…oh well, clients fault…thanks for the money.” You help walk through it and you follow up. I missed an email once – I don’t know how – but then I got a call. Your staff is very nice and supportive, and even when I was a pain in the ### and wanted my picture changed and a comma placed, not once did I get a scoff or a scolding. It made me want to help and protect your staff and at least give them huge thanks for how they helped me. It was really “aggrevation-less”. Is that a word? I learned so much through them, it was really fun. I was nervous but they weren’t and now I’m not either. I previously thought… if I hire a company to do thing,s they create a lot more work for me. But it wasn’t that way with you guys. I could just go on forever. The Gala was spectacular and fun too. Your company is the best company I have ever worked with! I have had several company relationships in the past 25 years that were good, but your company inspired me!
– Rebecca Gail Barcy