Does Your Website Reflect Your Personal Brand?
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What should a strong website accomplish? It should represent your company accurately. It should provide information regarding the products and services you offer. It should generate leads. And… it should represent your personal brand! In fact, in many instances, the first interaction a potential client has with you will be via your website. For that reason, it’s essential that your website reflect your personal brand. Below are five great ways to do this… how many of them are you utilizing?

1) A prominently featured picture of yourself. Many business owners are shy about using their picture—but doing so is essential to build a connection with your audience.

2) A video introduction. Video is an effective way to catch the attention of your audience. A well-produced video gives you instant credibility and positions you as an expert—take advantage of the power of video! (Check out the video on the homepage of my website as an example:

3) A list of your credentials and your accomplishments. Have you authored a book? Written articles or appeared on TV shows? Managed a remarkable project or event? Your website should highlight these accomplishments!

4) An emphasis on your points of differentiation. Let’s be realistic for a moment—it’s rare that your website will be the only one a potential client visits. So it is essential, if you are going to bring in business, that your website communicates why you are different from others in your industry.

5) A touch of your personality. If you have been paying attention to this blog, you know that a memorable personal brand can’t be all business, all the time. Whether it is your obsession with American Idol, your love for a local sports team, or a unique hobby—find a way to work a bit of personality into your site.

Your website represents a fantastic personal branding tool—but many business owners fail to capitalize. We’ve covered five ideas today… but it is a list that is far from exhaustive. Think outside the box, be creative… and find a way to communicate your brand effectively!