Personal Branding: What We Can Learn from Adele
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Earlier this month, I had the privilege of once again attending the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, along with a group of over 30 clients that were in town for our Annual Hollywood Mastermind Meeting. The event is always a blast, and this year was certainly no exception. For many, the most compelling story of the evening was Adele’s stunning success—she left Staples Center with no fewer than six Grammys in her possession. Adele’s story is about more than musical talent, however—she’s a very savvy marketer as well. Below are three lessons I took from her success… how can you apply them to your business?

Seek exposure wherever you can find it. Adele’s first big breakthrough came in 2006, when a friend posted a song she had recorded on MySpace. The track made its way to a record label, XL Recordings, which offered her a contract. Two years later, her popularity in the United States received a significant boost in 2008 when she appeared on Saturday Night Live. The very next day, her album 19 topped the iTunes charts. The lesson? You never know where your next big break will come from—but the more media exposure you can create for yourself and your business, the better off you’ll be.

Embrace your identity. Adele isn’t your typical petite starlet—and she hasn’t tried to fit into that mold. She has embraced her identity, and her honesty has captivated the hearts of her audience. When it comes to personal branding, your goal shouldn’t be to meet artificial standards that others have created… your goal should be to communicate who you are and what makes you different from those around you. This strategy paid dividends for Adele—and it could for your business as well!

Tell your story. Adele’s life hasn’t been a fairytale, and she’s the first to point this out. From failed relationships to her struggle losing weight, Adele has experienced challenges that resonate with many of us. Rather than glossing over them, she has made her story the centerpiece of her music and her lyrics in particular. Tell your story! It doesn’t have to be a fairytale—it just needs to resonate with your audience.

For business owners, Adele provides more than catchy melodies—we would all do well to learn from her success. Contact me today if you’d like more information on this subject!