Take Your Personal Brand to the Next Level in 2013, Part Two: Ten Resolutions
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In a recent article, I highlighted five New Years resolutions to help you take your brand to the next level in 2013. As promised, here are five more:

6) Make your customers feel like insiders. If you can make your customers feel like VIPs, theyre going to be much more loyal to your business and your brand. Let customers get a glimpse behind the scenes from time to time. Sharing pictures of your team in action on social media is one great way to do this.

7) Provide value to your social media followers. Lets be honest, most of us arent in position to break news in todays fast-paced media environment. But you can provide analysis and other valuable information to your online audience. If youre a tax accountant, for instance, you could explain the implications of a new law that is being debated by congress. This type of valuable insight will make your audience pay attention!

8 ) Interact with your social media audience. Too many business owners view social media as a one-way street. Its not. If you are using social media merely to promote yourself, youre not going to build an audience. Spend more time replying to status updates and tweets than you do creating your own.

9) Make sure your website reflects your brand well. In many cases, your website serves as the face of your business. Take the opportunity to communicate your brand. This means using pictures and video if possibleand it means creating content that reinforces your brand and your points of differentiation. If youd like to learn more about creating a personal brand-centered website, let me know!

10) Look for speaking opportunities. Think about the last time you attended a seminar that featured a speaker. Without even thinking about it, you granted the speaker expert status in your mind, didnt you? We naturally assume that someone qualified to address a large group on a specific topic knows what they are talking aboutwhich is why making a speech is such a good idea. When you speak on a topic, you become an expert in that subjectand thats what personal branding is all about!

Feel free to get in touch with me or any of the other agents at the agency if youd like help in this area.I hope that 2013 will be the best year yet for your brand and your business!