Personal Branding for Success: Five Benefits of a Powerful Personal Brand
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We have talked a whole lot about personal branding in these articles and on our blog. We have talked about branding strategy. We have talked about practical steps for creating a powerful brand. We have even looked at hits and misses from celebrities and public figures in order to gain insight into what to do, and what NOT to do, when it comes to branding.

Today, we are going to take a different approach and highlight several practical benefits of a strong brand. As we have discussed, an effective personal brand positions a business owner as a credible expert and a celebrity within his or her market a CelebrityExpert. And below are five benefits that you can expect from such a brand. A strong personal brand will lead to

1) More demand from consumers. As Ive written before, when given the choice, people prefer to do business with a recognized expert. Imagine youve just moved to a new town and one of your children begins experiencing severe tooth pain. You have to find a new dentist, and quickly. If there are a number of options but one of them is a recognized expert, a published author, and frequently appears on TV isnt he or she going to be your first choice? All other things being equal, I know Im going to choose that dentist 100% of the time arent you?

2) The ability to charge higher prices. Higher demand and greater credibility gives you the ability to charge more money and still win the business. We just examined the appeal of a strong celebrity brand, and its natural that consumers are willing to pay more in order to work with a recognized expert. This improves your profit margin and the overall financial health of your business!

3) Increased customer loyalty. In addition to bringing in new business, a CelebrityExpert brand makes it easier to retain your current clientele. Its a comforting feeling to know that you are dealing with the best whether youre a dentist, a lawyer, an accountant, a landscaper, a realtor, and so forth. As long as you continue to provide great service, your customers are going to be more loyal than ever.

4) More referrals from professionals. When professionals need to refer their client to someone else with a different area of expertise, credibility is a primary concern. The last thing the professional can afford to do is refer a client to a business that isnt credible. A strong personal brand makes it easy for professionals to feel great about sending business your way.

5) Less direct competition. Finally, a strong, focused brand makes it very difficult for the competition. Even if they offer products or services that are very similar to yours, without the CelebrityExpert brand, they are at a significant disadvantage.

As you can see, personal branding isnt just a trend or a box that must be checked offa powerful brand can be a game changer for a business. If youd like to learn more, get in touch with me or any of the Agents at our Agency today!