Celebrity Branding: Four “Little Things” That Will Enhance Your Celebrity Status Overnight
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Building a CelebrityExpert® brand is a process. And to achieve this goal, we help our clients to leverage a variety of media tools, from video productions to cutting-edge websites and everything in between. But as I tell clients, building a powerful personal brand isn’t just about large-scale media strategies. Just as important are the “little things” that a business owner must get right in order to build an authentic brand.

Below are four of these “little things” that play a big role in creating a powerful CelebrityExpert® brand.

1) Sharpen your elevator speech. When you have 20-30 seconds to tell someone about your business… what are you going to say? A well-crafted elevator speech is critical in order to intrigue your audience and help them quickly grasp your unique skills and abilities. Take some time to practice your elevator speech – and ask for feedback from friends, family, and colleagues.

2) Dress the part. It’s a simple principle, but something many people overlook… you have to dress the part! If your brand is “Mr. High Powered Lawyer”, your suit needs to match that image. Just as an actor in a movie is always dressed for his or her role, you should always be “in character” for the brand you are building.

3) Invest in an appropriate business card. It’s easy to find cheap business cards, but is that really the first impression you want to make? If you don’t already have one, invest into a business card that projects the credibility and the expertise you are seeking to develop. You never want to be embarrassed to hand out your card!

4) Adopt a “celebrity mindset.”Finally, begin thinking of yourself as a CelebrityExpert®. Carry yourself appropriately, and you will be amazed at how differently your audience begins to perceive you. This doesn’t mean that you should be cocky – but you should be confident in yourself and your expertise.

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