Personal Branding 101: Are You Leveraging the Power of Social Media?
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As we kick off the New Year, it’s an opportune time for business owners to evaluate their branding and marketing efforts and look for opportunities to improve. And one of the best ways to do this, if you aren’t already, is to tap into the power of social media. Social media platforms offer business owners an effective and cost-efficient way to reach their target audience. In this blog entry, we’re going to cover the “big four” social media platforms and a few others. Are you taking advantage of each of them?

1) Facebook. Facebook, the world’s most-used social network, is a great way to connect with your target audience. In addition to posting links to your blogs, articles, and other informational content, you can use it to share photos and video that may be of interest to your audience. If you don’t yet have a Facebook business page for your business, it’s time to get started. Contact us if you’d like some help with the process!

2) Twitter. While Twitter isn’t as visually oriented as Facebook, it’s a great platform to share links to your blogs and articles, as well as breaking news and other information that matters to your audience. For instance, as a tax accountant, you could use Twitter to share breaking news and analysis regarding changes to the tax code.

3) LinkedIn. Every business owner and professional needs a LinkedIn profile. The platform creates an opportunity to network and gain exposure without leaving your office. It’s a great way to hire employees, to create partnerships with other professionals, and to market your business to other business owners.

4) YouTube. Video is an effective way to reach your target audience and help them to feel comfortable with you and your business. YouTube allows you to reach a huge audience- and to share your videos on your website and on other social networks as well.

5) Instagram, Pinterest, and others. There are literally hundreds of social media networks in existence, but not all of them are a good fit for every business. If you’d like to learn more about the variety of social networks that exist, and how you can leverage them to build your brand and grow your business, please contact us today!