Why Personal Branding is Worth the Effort: Four Benefits of a CelebrityExpert® Brand

We have written a great deal about personal branding in these blog entries and articles – and today, we are going to step back and review why personal branding is such a big deal to begin with. It’s not just a trend – creating a CelebrityExpert® brand is a powerful growth strategy for your business. The bottom line is that consumers prefer to do business with a trusted expert, so when you become that expert, you have many advantages. Among them:

1) Being the expert allows you to charge higher rates. Think about it… you’re willing to pay a premium price to work with an expert when it comes to your health, right? Or your finances, or your car, and the list goes on. Expertise is valuable, and when you’re the expert, you can charge higher rates and still win the business.

2) Being the expert attracts new business. When your market perceives you as the expert, you can expect customers and clients to actively seek you out. This makes marketing a much easier process and results in dramatic growth.

3) Being the expert leads to more referrals. If referrals from other professionals are an important part of your business model, creating a CelebrityExpert® brand is invaluable. Professionals are very careful about whom they refer clients to, as their name and reputation is also on the line. If you’re the trusted expert in your market, you can expect a flood of referrals to come your way.

4) Being the expert makes it easier to retain clients. It’s much easier, and more cost effective, to retain current clients rather than find new ones. Your expert status makes your clients more likely to continue doing business with you – as long as your service and the results you provide are consistent with the brand you’ve created.

Personal branding isn’t just a trendy subject – it can make a big difference in your bottom line. If you’d like to discuss this subject further, or if you’re ready to get started creating your CelebrityExpert® brand, please get in touch with us today!