How to Use Instagram’s New Poll Feature
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Instagram has jumped on the train with Twitter and released their new interactive feature, Instagram Poll Sticker.

Instagram now allows you to add a question with two answer options to your Instagram Story. Your followers then simply tap whichever option they choose, and you receive access to all their answers.

Continue reading to see how to use Instagram Poll and how to make it work for your bussiness’ marketing strategy:

How to add a Poll to your Instagram Story

Adding an Instagram Poll sticker to your story is fairly simple. Once you capture your image, boomerang, or video to add to your story as you normally would, click the “sticky note” aka sticker icon on the top right. Next choose the sticker that says “Poll”.

Now customize the sticker by tapping each side and changing the answer to whatever you choose! Then click add to your story, and you’re done!

Once your audience starts answering the poll, you will be able to see their responses by simply swiping up just like you would for any regular story post.

Now you may be wondering how your business can use this for its marketing strategy…

Interacting with your audience should always be a part of your marketing strategy, and using Instagram’s new polling feature is another way to do that!

Although you’re only given the ability to add two answer choices, you’re still able to ask questions in order to gain more information about your audience, and to see what they’re interested in.

For example, if you’re a business coach trying to decide what topic to discuss with your clients, you could ask “What would you like to learn more about?’ with the options of “Growing your business” or “How to be more productive”. Whichever topic receives the most votes can now be the topic of the day to discuss with your clients!

Instagram Poll sticker is an easy way to interact with your audience and get back necessary feedback in order produce material that you know your audience will love.

So should you be using the new Instagram Poll sticker as a part of your marketing strategy? ….I believe now you can see that the answer is 100% yes!

Source: CelebirtySites