Top Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Being a leader in the digital space means staying ahead of the trends. The technology introduced in recent years will allow for tremendous advances in digital marketing in 2019. Learn how to use new data points to your advantage to dominate the world of digital marketing.

AI Will Become Scarily Accurate

Already artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms used for retargeting make us wonder if marketers are getting information through our phones’ microphones. The truth is, whether it can or not, it probably isn’t. AI doesn’t need to listen in on us to target as accurately as it does. It has just gotten that advanced.

And that means your ads could be served to more relevant audiences who are ready to buy. Today, 83 percent of marketers know about AI, but only 14 percent are using it, according to a study by International Data Corporation. This means there’s still time to get ahead of this trend.

Omnichannel Marketing Will Ramp Up Your Results

As if it’s not enough to have sophisticated AI help you determine your target audiences, the same software can integrate your cross-channel marketing. Multichannel marketing enables you to engage with your audience on a variety of platforms. Omnichannel coordinates those efforts so you can track your prospect’s engagements. This data allows you to improve customer retention and move prospective customers through the sales funnel more quickly.

Voice Search Will Grow

As marketers continue reaching customers on integrated channels, one of those channels, increasingly, will be “voice.” Marketers want to provide content that answers people’s questions in conversational ways, optimizing their websites, blogs, and social media for voice queries.

AI, omnichannel marketing, and voice are just three of the year’s hottest trends. It may be wise to get guidance from experts on the best ways to approach digital marketing in 2019.

Source: CelebirtySites