Matthew J. Whitman

Content Producer

About Matthew

Matthew Jacob Whitman is a creative professional with a strong focus on storytelling, boasting a diverse background in studio, agency, and startup environments, where he has honed his expertise in developing creative campaigns. He has accumulated valuable editorial and production experience with renowned entities such as HBO MAX, Discovery+, the NFL, ID Channel, Disney+, and more. Matthew has played a pivotal role in shaping some of the most exciting creative campaigns in today’s industry.
Matthew holds a B.S. in Film and Television Production, with a specialization in Digital Arts and Sciences, from the University of Florida. This academic foundation positions him at the forefront of innovation within the realms of arts and sciences. Early in his career, Matthew worked in agencies, and later co-founded a Financial Tech startup that focused on the emerging AI and Web3 markets. In this venture, he assumed leadership roles in both design and marketing teams, and his efforts garnered substantial support and recognition during early seed funding rounds.
On a more personal note, Matthew is deeply passionate about crafting stories for both screen and stage. He has authored over 10 limited series and feature-length screenplays, all of which can be found in the Library of Congress. Presently, Matthew remains active in writing and producing for local non-profit playhouses in South Florida and New York City.
Nick Nanton

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