Dear Friend,

You are only on this page because I have privately invited you to join me on this new journey. My goal with Abundance Studios is to assemble a collective of entrepreneurs, professionals, and philanthropists dedicated to earning, learning, and serving, through media, to foster a world of abundant thinking and abundant action.

All of this is an experiment, and some things may have to change from time to time. But, I can promise you that if you come on this journey with me, it will only get better and better. Thanks for being willing to support media that will lift up the world. Below is the info for each level, please let me know if you have any questions, and know I’m honored that you are willing to go on this journey with me.

Thank you,

Dear Producer

We are excited to have you on board at Abundance Studios LLC. Below is our promise to you and your promise to us. As long as we both hold our sides of the agreement, everyone wins!

I understand that certain activities I will participate in are an open forum of sharing information. Nothing I present to the group is confidential and others in the group may use or alter any ideas presented for their own use. Participation in this program is NOT an investment or an offer to invest. It is an opportunity to crowdfund an experience we will be filming. You are paying for an experience. You will not make money from the sale, licensing, or any monetization of this film.