Brian Tracy

Not only is Nick a great guy, he’s a great business partner as well. He’s the top agent for celebrity speakers like myself. He helps us get better known so that we can charge more money and charge it more often.

He’s also worked with great friends of mine like Dan Kennedy, Jeff Walker, Mari Smith and Ron LeGrand along with many, many more. What he does, is he helps you to maximize your brand and your income by making people see you as special, different and more valuable than your competitors. He’s also known for helping experts create a platform and elevating them to celebrity expert status in their fields.

We see people you’ve never heard of before that one year later they’re considered to be the ‘go to’ person on a particular subject. They get interviewed on radio, television, newspapers even though you’ve never heard of them before and it’s all done by Nick Nanton. He’s the best in the world at what he does and he’s one of the most high integrity guys myself and my team have ever worked with. If you’re looking for an agent to maximize your celebrity status, your business and your income Nick is your guy. Nick is our guy.

I love working with Nick and his team. They can absolutely help you get to the next level. Nick does everything he promises and then some!

Jack Canfield
Beverly Ann White

Speaker, Expert, Author

Since I have received my first set of books: The quality of the book is physically … wonderful. Since I share the limelight with a number of others I took the time to read many of the chapters and I am excited by the quality of chapter after chapter. Not only is this book beautifully produced but the content is worthy of being a best seller and worthy of my pride for being a part of producing it. This is a spectacular opportunity for anyone interested in following in my footsteps and joining with Dicks & Nanton to take part in publishing a book. Thank you and your team for taking the dreams of your authors seriously.

Yesterday I had a consulting engagement with Jack and Nick. It was the most unbelievable experience. Before my consulting session, I was a little apprehensive as many of us are when we think about hiring coaches or consultants. I was wondering, “What am I going to get? Am I going to get what I expect? Is it going to be worth my time, value?” Well I’m here to tell you that the answer to all of those questions is YES, and I got tons of value.

I can’t even put into words what I walked out of that room with yesterday. I had an expectation. I had a goal of what I wanted to receive from that session. It was exponentially worth more than what I paid. Wherever you’re at in your career, whatever you’re thinking about working on, whether it’s improving your celebrity status, or improving your business these are the guys to work with. Don’t worry about the cost, make the call, get booked, work with them today and it will positively impact your business and your life more than you can possibly expect.

Kenny Chapman

The Blue Collar Coach

Cary Bryson, Bryson Law

Bryson Law Firm, LLC, co-founded by husband and wife team Cary and Angela Bryson, gone from a small town tax resolution firm to a nationally recognized firm. Following a feature story our team wrote for Cary as a part of his Big Print Media package, Cary and his firm were featured on CNBC.comMorningstar.comCBS’ Moneywatch.comThe Boston Globe.comThe Miami Herald.comMarketWatch.com and Yahoo Finance.com, among others. A reporter inquiring about an interview also contacted Cary as a result of seeing his story. By telling the world what he was doing, through a feature story and some well targeted press releases, Cary was able to take action and make his brand stand out from his peers. Great job Cary and the team at Bryson Law Firm, LLC!

Peter Howley, Chairman of The Howley Management Group works with CEOs to turn great ideas into great business. Now, by utilizing our trademark Media, Marketing and PR strategies, Peter has turned his own ideas into great business! Following a feature story and press release we syndicated introducing Peter Howley as one of America’s PremierExperts® Trendsetters in the New Economy, Peter was invited to speak at a Webinar from Singapore on “Web 3.0 and Mobility Innovation in Asia”. His speech during the Webinar then led to an invitation to a speaking engagement in January 2012. By utilizing our media tools and public relations services, Peter has been able to expand his brand and rise above his peers. Great job, Peter and Congrats on your success!

Peter Howley

The Howley Management Group

Nigel Worrall

Florida Leisure Online

“I joined the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® for three specific reasons. 1) To become the leading authority in the US on vacation homes. 2) To be able to walk away with a book, a TV show and other materials I can use in my marketing efforts in the future. 3) To learn more about what I must do to grow my businesses; Florida Leisure Vacation Homes, Total Real Estate Solutions.

Nick promised me that he would deliver on all three counts and that I would have a great time doing so. At the time I was a little skeptical but I took the plunge and twelve months later, I can honestly say it has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Not only have I had a blast as we visited Orlando, Hollywood and New York, but I have learned so much more than I had envisioned and have improved the revenue and profitability of my business.

Nick has way over delivered on what he promised and I have absolutely no hesitation in saying to other business owners out there, that this is a “MUST DO” and as anyone who knows me will tell you…I don’t use those words lightly. Thanks to Nick and his team…it’s been fantastic.”

“Hi this is Kimberlee Frank “The Real Estate Junkie” and I am writing to let you know how joining America’s PremierExperts® made a difference in my life. First off, I have shared the stage with a lot of people. However, it was always me having to impress my audience. Now, thanks to America’s PremierExperts®, I have a long list of credentials that allows me to get on any stage. The media coverage was out of this world. The friendship with Jack, Nick, and Lindsay is something that can not be replaced, we will always be connected. I have written many courses and wanted to write a book but never seemed to find time. With the help of America’s PremierExperts®, they made it happen and not in years but everything was done in just 12 months. I just wanted to say “Thanks”. I couldn’t have gotten this type of media coverage, book, and articles without your help. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is seriously looking to build their creditability fast!”

Kimberlee Frank

The Real Estate Junkie

Frank Patrick

Founder, ASREOS.com

“Participating in the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® was the perfect launching pad for my new business ventures! My new websites www.ASREOS.com and www.REORESQ.com, (both created by Lindsay at www.CelebritySites.com) are fantastic and with all of the press generated by your program my business is off the charts! Thanks for helping me over the last 10 months and for always being personally available to answer my questions. You are true professionals.”

“When we signed up to work with Nick, Jack and his team we were expecting to be exposed to ideas on how to get more publicity. We never expected the ‘red carpet’ treatment we have received. To say that we are pleased with the experience we’ve had with you would be a mammoth understatement. Not only have you guys worked with us on how to improve the branding of our existing business you have used your expertise to help us launch a franchise that will take us to a completely different level.

The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has proved to be an investment that has and will literally change our business and our lives. As you know, my partner and I have participated in ‘coaching groups’ for years, in fact we run one for college planning guys, so we’ve seen just about everything in the ‘we’ll help you do… world”. We can testify that you guys are hands down the best in the business.

You guys are awesome, keep up the good work. I feel like we’re family, and if you ever need anything, just let us know.”

Ron Caruthers, Ed Sanderson

College Planning Specialists, Inc.

Dr. Gayle Carson

The Spunky Old Broad

“Nick & Jack do everything they say and then some. If you want a team to rev up your celebrity status, these are the folks to do it! They have more ideas than most people and best of all, they implement them.

“If you are looking to promote your business and explode the growth then come see these guys that can help you do that.”

James Brown

Nationally Renowned Bankruptcy Attorney and Author

Tyrell Gray

President and Co-Founder, Junk House Riches, LLC

“Celebrities are watched, stalked, worshiped and more than anything else, listened to! Think of the power a celebrity has — people want to know what they eat, what they wear, and where they go, they are the ultimate sales vehicle. People will wear what they wear, eat what they eat, and say what they say. When I first heard of the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® I was more than skeptical. I quickly realized that Nick and Jack are on to something huge. If you are a celebrity in your field you are set for life, and the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® is the short cut to being the celebrity you want to be.”

“What you’ll learn here I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere else. It’s direct experience and it’s the “how to” and you can take it back and immediately implement it and that’s what you need to know how to do. Thank you Nick, Jack and Lindsay.”

Madeline Ross

Founder and CEO, SuperSlow Zone®

Richard Seppala

Your ROI Guy

“The whole experience from A-Z, is well thought out, well planned, we surround ourselves with great, successful, like-minded entrepreneurs. What a great place to be to meet people, network and get some million-dollar ideas. Thanks a lot to America’s PremierExperts® hosts, Nick and Jack.”

“The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has added that extra edge of credibility that was needed to take my business to the next level. I am confident that it’s helped seal my position as The national expert on sales for the Seniors Housing & Health Care industry.”

Traci Bild

Bild Consulting

Dr. Donna Galante and Dr. Paul Cater

Cater Galante Orthodontic Specialists

“The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has been a first class experience that will continue to pay us dividends now and into the future of our business, Cater Galante Orthodontics. The team at the Celebrity Branding Agency truly care deeply about their clients and their clients’ successes. Besides the definite benefit of growing your business, the relationships that you will develop with the other “experts” in your group will forge lifelong friendships and even business opportunities that are priceless. The investment in your “celebrity experience” is just that, an investment in yourself, your business and your future.”

“There is nothing better than Celebrity Branding® and America’s PremierExperts® to gain instant credibility as an expert in your field, go from a local expert to a national expert. This is hands down one of the best experiences to grow your business and Nick and the team at the Celebrity Branding® Agency deliver on every promise they make…and then some!”

Jennifer Myers

Realtor, First Time Homebuyer Expert

Jayson Hunter RD


“The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has helped my business by teaching me how to be a celebrity in my own niche. I am able to gain exposure to a new population that didn’t know who I was 12 months ago. The media exposure and credibility I have gained from this program is not only helping me now, but will help for the future as well with everything that I do in my niche.”

“I decided to sign up for the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® in the fall of 2008 at the Info Summit. From that time Nick has truly been a great help. The first experience was just as they explained it would be…(Red carpet event). I have been able to use the publicity on my website, social networking pages and other media outlets.

Nick has done a great job and I think him and Jack for their efforts to help me, my partners and our company become the Celebrity we have needed to bump us to the next level.”

Brad Hess

President and Co-Founder, Junk House Riches, LLC

Dr. Vesna Sutter

D.D.S., CEO, Sunrise Dental Partners

“I didn’t now what to expect when I decided to proceed with this venture and pleasantly surprised by everything the organization was phenomenal. Very professional, very courteous, very friendly made you feel as though you are the expert in the field that you do even though you may not feel that you are, and the confidence that they build, I ‘m ready to go conquer the world. So thanks guys, it was great and I can’t wait to keep proceeding with this.”

“Hi my name is Dawn McIntyre, I’m CEO of Boldly Beautiful International® and I’m here in New York City in Times Square in the Hard Rock restaurant where we are celebrating the release of our best selling book Big Ideas to Grow Your Business. This is our last weekend together in New York City, it has been an incredible day, we had 2 wonderful mastermind meetings today, the morning and the afternoon, I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned so much from all the teachers, I’ve learned so much from the experience, and I’ve learned so much from all the participants. That’s what I love about this, there’s 20 of us that will have this relationship that will go on forever, so we’ll be constantly learning from each other. I just want to say thank you Nick, thank you Jack, you’re brilliant, this is the best thing that you have ever done for businesses in America.”

Dawn McIntyre

Boldly Beautiful International®

Donna Galante

Cater Galante Orthodontic Specialists www.CGBraces.com

“Right after we did our T.V. Show in L.A., Fox 40 News in Sacramento called us two days later, came in to our office and did a live interview. So The [Ultimate] Celebrity Branding Experience is amazing, it’s great for your business…I highly recommend it!”

Thanks for the great service. You truly have a wonderful team!

Dr. Shahab Anari

Best-Selling Author, Professional Coach, Personal Branding Strategist, Speaker