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The Best Story Always Wins 

A Brand Is Just A Story

  • Branding is Simply StoryTelling
  • A Great Brand ls A Story That Others Share For You

The Best Story ALWAYS wins..
Your ideal client is scouring the earth looking for you. How do you
show up to them?

Dr. Shahab Anari
Thanks for the great service. You truly have a wonderful team!
Donna Galante
“Right after we did our T.V. Show in L.A., Fox 40 News in Sacramento called us two days later, came in to our office and ...
Dawn McIntyre
“Hi my name is Dawn McIntyre, I’m CEO of Boldly Beautiful International® and I’m here in New York City in Times Square in the Hard ...
Dr. Vesna Sutter
“I didn’t now what to expect when I decided to proceed with this venture and pleasantly surprised by everything the organization was phenomenal. Very professional, ...
Brad Hess
“I decided to sign up for the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® in the fall of 2008 at the Info Summit. From that time Nick has ...
Jayson Hunter RD
“The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has helped my business by teaching me how to be a celebrity in my own niche. I am able to ...
Jennifer Myers
“There is nothing better than Celebrity Branding® and America’s PremierExperts® to gain instant credibility as an expert in your field, go from a local expert ...
Dr. Donna Galante and Dr. Paul Cater
“The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has been a first class experience that will continue to pay us dividends now and into the future of our ...
Traci Bild
“The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® has added that extra edge of credibility that was needed to take my business to the next level. I am ...
Richard Seppala
“The whole experience from A-Z, is well thought out, well planned, we surround ourselves with great, successful, like-minded entrepreneurs. What a great place to be ...
Madeline Ross
“What you’ll learn here I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere else. It’s direct experience and it’s the “how to” and you can take ...
Tyrell Gray
“Celebrities are watched, stalked, worshiped and more than anything else, listened to! Think of the power a celebrity has — people want to know what ...
James Brown
“If you are looking to promote your business and explode the growth then come see these guys that can help you do that.”
Dr. Gayle Carson
“Nick & Jack do everything they say and then some. If you want a team to rev up your celebrity status, these are the folks ...
Ron Caruthers, Ed Sanderson
“When we signed up to work with Nick, Jack and his team we were expecting to be exposed to ideas on how to get more ...
Frank Patrick
“Participating in the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® was the perfect launching pad for my new business ventures! My new websites and, (both created ...
Kimberlee Frank
“Hi this is Kimberlee Frank “The Real Estate Junkie” and I am writing to let you know how joining America’s PremierExperts® made a difference in ...
Nigel Worrall
“I joined the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience® for three specific reasons. 1) To become the leading authority in the US on vacation homes. 2) To ...
Peter Howley
Peter Howley, Chairman of The Howley Management Group works with CEOs to turn great ideas into great business. Now, by utilizing our trademark Media, Marketing ...
Cary Bryson, Bryson Law
Bryson Law Firm, LLC, co-founded by husband and wife team Cary and Angela Bryson, gone from a small town tax resolution firm to a nationally ...
Kenny Chapman
Yesterday I had a consulting engagement with Jack and Nick. It was the most unbelievable experience. Before my consulting session, I was a little apprehensive ...
Brian Tracy
Not only is Nick a great guy, he’s a great business partner as well. He’s the top agent for celebrity speakers like myself. He helps ...
Jack Canfield
I love working with Nick and his team. They can absolutely help you get to the next level. Nick does everything he promises and then ...
Beverly Ann White
Since I have received my first set of books: The quality of the book is physically … wonderful. Since I share the limelight with a ...

Gain an unfair advantage by building a Celebrity Brand.

The best story always wins

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CBA hosts multiple TV shows across the country and we produce shows that suit every entrepreneur, small business owner, author or expert.  Appearances on one of our shows will position you as an expert in your field and give you the opportunity to further share your message with the world.

Publishing a book is a fantastic way to help more people and grow your business. Our team works with you every step of the way from conception through writing, editing and finally the publication of your book. When you work with us, you will also have the opportunity to become a Best-Selling Author, which will position you as a ThoughtLeader in your field.

What you do in your business, and how you help your clients is a story worth telling the world about. But gaining print media exposure for your business is difficult and time-consuming. Our Big Print Media Campaigns will get your story in major media publications as well as on hundreds of websites.

CBA has perfected the art of storytelling by helping thousands of clients tell their stories in order to share their unique gifts with the world. We have learned over the years that telling your story through a branded film is sometimes the best way to further your message and help more people.

Our Content Marketing services, offered through our sister company The Success Network, will help you create content like livestreams, podcasts, blogs and more that are extremely valuable and can be used to bolster your business online.


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