Rule #1

People Buy from People.

This proven fact is the central premise of our business philosophy.

Your prospect and your customer would rather make their buying decisions based on you as a person in-stead of dealing with a company that has no face or personality. This fact has been proven to us time and time again.

With more than 50 collective years of running businesses and being entrepreneurs in the real world, we have spent millions of dollars of our own money to develop and prove this fact. We have built, joint-ventured, coached and consulted with more than 4,000 businesses in over 70 countries that are spending hundreds of millions of dollars because they know the powerful business truth that a person or personality attached to your business will make it grow faster and create more money for you.

Many of you, based on your own experiences in the marketplace, immediately understand the importance of the business principle behind the personality-driven business. Some of you will find this statement to be a surprise at first. Then, once you consider what it means as a potential opportunity for you, your eyes will be opened to a completely new way of marketing and operating your business.

A few of you, many of whom work for “big businesses” that run multimillion-dollar ads in slick magazines, won’t have any idea of what we’re talking about and may even get a little indignant and want to argue the point. You believe in the big, corporate brand and institutional advertising.


Do you believe in the big, corporate brand and institutional advertising?

If this is you, then respectfully, let us suggest that you leave this website now and save yourself some time. We are not here to convince you nor would we be interested in representing you. You have a fundamental difference in thinking than us, and that is OK.

For the rest of you, including the non-believers, who are at least willing to keep an open mind, we welcome you. You are our people, and we welcome you to a fun and exciting way of building your business that will be both rewarding and profitable.

Why? Because the one thing you have going for you that no one can duplicate is YOU. This is important for businesses of all sizes. You can be successful without a “personality,” but it’s easier to capture market share if you have one, even if it’s an invented one like Mickey Mouse or Harry Potter.

So if you’re interested-even if it’s just a small bit of curiosity-we invite you to get a free copy of our best-selling book, “Celebrity Branding You®.”

What we will teach you is the importance of positioning yourself not just as a personality but a Celebrity Brand by becoming the “CelebrityExpert®” in your area of expertise and in the market you compete in-be it local or national.

The CelebrityExpert® elevates your status one more level because we all love our personalities, and at this point, let me just ask you not to fight It. Being a Celebrity in your niche is less work and hassle than being a movie star, and it is still very exciting and a lot of fun.

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The 8 CelebrityExpert® Activators

The following 8 CelebrityExpert® Activators provide a diverse range of media platforms that should
be leveraged to create and grow your Celebrity Brand. If you need help determining which activators
are right for you, please contact us and a Business Agent® can assist you.

Activator One


Leveraging social media platforms is essential for building and growing your CelebrityExpert® Brand. Regularly sharing your wisdom, insights, and experiences through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and Facebook can help you connect with your audience on a personal level. Social media enables direct interaction, expands your reach, and facilitates the building of a loyal fan base.

Activator Two

Personal Branded Website

Establishing your own website, using your name as the domain, provides a centralized hub for your CelebrityExpert® Brand. It allows you to showcase your achievements, share updates, and engage with your audience directly. A well-designed personally-branded media website can serve as an authoritative source of information and increase your DigitalDNA™ (online presence).

Activator Three


Hosting a podcast provides a platform to share your expertise, engage with your audience, and discuss relevant topics. Podcasting allows for in-depth conversations and can attract a dedicated following of listeners who value your insights. It offers a more intimate and personal connection with your audience.

Activator Four


Utilizing over-the-top (OTT) platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and the likes can be a powerful way to reach a global audience. By showcasing your content on popular streaming services, you can establish yourself as a prominent figure in your industry and gain exposure to a wide range of viewers.

Activator Five


Participating in documentaries allows you to reach a massive global audience. Films have the power to evoke emotions, tell powerful stories, and create a lasting impact on viewers. Sharing compelling narratives through films can establish you as a respected figure in your industry.

Activator Six


Publishing a book can solidify your expertise and increase your credibility. Becoming a best-selling author allows you to share your unique stories, insights, experiences, and knowledge. This medium will establish you as an authority in your field and has the ability to attract a dedicated following.

Activator Seven


Appearances on television networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX can provide a massive boost to your CelebrityExpert®Brand. By showcasing your talent and personality on popular TV shows, you can captivate audiences and gain widespread recognition. Television interviews are for experts—further positioning you as the CelebrityExpert®.

Activator Eight


Being featured in major publications, such as magazines and newspapers like Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Bloomberg Businessweek, can significantly enhance your brand visibility. Print media allows you to share your story, ideas, and accomplishments. Being published in trusted sources translates to being a trusted source yourself.  It lends credibility to your brand and establishes you as the expert in your field.

The 8 CelebrityExpert® Activators

Each activator raises your brand another level—further positioning you as the CelebrityExpert®.

Some of you will not yet have any of the activators checked off your list, and you will require a more compelling story and proof of concept before you begin the process. Some of you have already triggered some of these activators for your expert status and are now ready to move on to other activators and expand your brand.

All of you, regardless of your current status, will make more money from your business and be in a personal position to do more good for others if you embrace these strategies.

A CelebrityExpert®, unlike an unknown expert, has a unique following of fans (enthusiastic customers, clients and prospects). This fan following also allows you, as the CelebrityExpert®, to focus that group’s attention on positive causes and charities that you can help to be more successful in addition to your own business. That is a very big benefit of becoming a CelebrityExpert®.

If we’ve grabbed your attention in these first few paragraphs, please open your mind and get ready to experience one breakthrough after another as you embark on the journey we like to call “Celebrity Branding You®.”

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Download a FREE copy of our latest E-book. Enter your email for instant access.

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