Jason Thomas

Business Agent

About Jason

Jason is what is referred to as a serial entrepreneur. Starting his first “business” at 10 years old doing yardwork for his neighbors. Over the years he has been fortunate enough to see success with his own businesses and has been featured on several news outlets.  Everywhere from his hometown Orlando/Central Florida local publications all the way to being interviewed by Fox in Friends in Time Square, NYC. 

In 2018 Jason decided to make the move into the world of business coaching and started consulting other small businesses to help them achieve similar success. After spending a few years traveling around the country helping keep small businesses together during the COVID pandemic Jason has decided to leave the hectic schedule and demands of being onsite with 3 or 4 businesses a week. Jason now prefers to be able to work more intimately with the business owners he partners with.  By doing this he is able to take a more active role in each business’s success and the owners of said businesses thank him for it.

Since making the move Jason has found that he truly loves helping others be better at what they do and after joining the Celebrity Branding team he has found a way to be able to do just that.

If he’s not in the office doing that you can generally find him somewhere outside enjoying the sun and fresh air in any way he can.

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