Zack Viscomi

Director of Brand Development

About Zack

“Zack is an innovative leader, and his ideas are at the cutting edge of personal branding. He has helped hundreds of clients stay relevant, beat out their competition and become the go-to authority in their field by building trust and credibility through media, marketing, and PR…”

– Jack Canfield

Zack’s journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing, which laid the foundation for his passion and understanding for storytelling, strategic messaging and brand management. Building upon this knowledge, he pursued a Master of Divinity, further refining his communication skills and gaining a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling and connecting with audiences on a deep and practical level.

During his 8 years of dedicated service in the Marine Corps Reserve, Zack exemplified unwavering commitment and resilience. As a Combat Veteran, he gained invaluable experiences that honed his ability to adapt in high-pressure environments, make critical decisions under stress, and forge strong bonds within teams. These invaluable skills seamlessly translated into his professional endeavors, where he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities.

Currently serving as the Director of Brand Development for Celebrity Branding Agency, Zack harnesses his expertise to craft compelling brand strategies that captivate audiences and elevate clients’ brand presence. Leveraging his deep understanding of consumer psychology as it relates to story and storytelling, he guides clients through the process of defining their brand identity, creating impactful messaging, and leveraging that into strategic marketing campaigns.

He is a multiple-time Best-Selling Author and his work has been featured in USA Today, WSJ, and Forbes Magazine. He has also been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates around the country. He has spoken to many audiences, most notably for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative held at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He is also the host of a podcast for entrepreneurs  “Elevate & Accelerate” discussing the importance of Personal Branding to “Elevate Your Brand to Accelerate your Journey to Success.”

Zack is passionate about helping people succeed, while becoming the best versions of themselves. He also enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife, Alli, and their three children, Scout, Aries, and Poppy – not to forget their two dogs: a boxer/ridgeback/pitbull mix named Miley, and a mini-pug named Mona.

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