The Celebrity Branding® Process Stage 2 

To become a celebrity brand, you must discover and present yourself in a unique and compelling way.

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Stage 2

The most vital step to establishing yourself as a CelebrityExpert® is to build your credibility—proof you can be trusted.

You see, credibility is the validation of your expertise from 3rd party sources.

The good news is, your story, which you will have discovered in Stage 1, is the foundation of your credibility. You already lived it, now you’ve got to tell it!

There are three primary ways to gain this credibility and establish yourself as the CelebirtyExpert® in your market.

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1. Become a Best-Selling Author

One of the best ways to gain credibility in your field is to write a book related to your expertise.

Your audience is bombarded with options. If they are debating between you and the expert next door, you can bet they’ll choose the expert who has the best-selling book out!

Imagine being able to slide your best-selling book across the table to your clients or to bill yourself as “best-selling author” on your marketing materials and website.

You see this isn’t about how many copies of the book you sell. 

This is about LEVERAGE.

Who are you?

Once you have published your best-selling book, you leverage your new status to grow your business and to build credibility with both your clients and other experts in your industry.

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2. Get Featured on TV

A TV feature is one of the best and fastest ways to build your credibility, get visible and launch a Celebrity Brand that positions you as THE expert in your field. 

ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC—these are media people trust and pay attention to.

If you can show that you have been featured on TV, human behavior dictates that people are more likely to trust you for the simple fact that you have appeared on a source they are familiar with.

But you do not have to wait to be invited or discovered to get a coveted TV spot.

You can participate in projects that are featured on recognized networks and be able to leverage “as seen on” in all your marketing and on your website.

Just one TV appearance gives you enough media credentials and that will last a lifetime.

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3. Major Publication Features

One of the best ways to establish your CelebirtyExpert® status FAST is to leverage the trust from the media outlets your audience is already turning to for news and information.  

Think about it. Your feature in print means it’s not going away when the internet crashes, and it’s not being removed when the media website refreshes its content.

That’s credibility for a lifetime!

Imagine leveraging the audience and notoriety of publications like USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. That’s hundreds of thousands of readers all looking for the best news and information turning the page and seeing YOUR name and face.

This may be one of the biggest credibility boosters you can create for yourself in your marketplace.

It’s rocket fuel for your business, because you become the preeminent expert in your field—literally overnight.

Print publications are not only relevant because they have withstood the test of time, but because audiences put even more trust into their news and information.

If you know you’re one of the best, you’ve got to POSITION yourself that way.

And that means leveraging third-party validation and showing your audience that the major media sources they trust, trust YOU! 

If you’d like help with this stage and you’re interested in representation, please submit a representation application.

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