The Celebrity Branding® Process Stage 3

To become a celebrity brand, you must discover and present yourself in a unique and compelling way.

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Developing Your CelebrityExpert® Authority

Stage 3

By this point you’ve discovered your Celebrity Brand story, you told your story (or shared your expertise) in a book, TV segment and print publication, and now it’s time to move onto establishing your authority with your prospects and clients or customers.

You see, one of the mistakes that so many entrepreneurs make is they invest in a few projects and media opportunities and then they STOP.

Establishing your authority means that you’ve captured the heart of your audience and they trust that you are a subject matter expert.

When done correctly, anyone who consumes your content will say “This guy/gal knows their stuff!”

You’re in business for a reason. You do WHAT you do for a reason. Whether you are a financial advisor, insurance broker, doctor, therapist, lawyer, or any other profession, business, or service provider, you are an expert.

That’s why, after all, people hire you.

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Who are you?

So it is critically important that you DEMONSTRATE your expertise and gain the authority as the subject matter expert in your field.

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The simplest way of accomplishing authority is sharing.

Sharing your wisdom, sharing your knowledge, sharing your expertise and experience is a sure fire way to gain the confidence of others that “you know your stuff.”

The media you choose to share your knowledge is the easy part. Podcasts, YouTube channels, social media, website blogs, etc. are all the obvious ways to share your wisdom.

But what do you share, when do you share it, and how do you share it is usually the challenge entrepreneurs face.

That is why we create the Instant Authority Content Framework, which you can download here. 

This is the same exact framework we use with Celebrity Brands we represent to establish authority. 

If you’d like help with this stage and you’re interested in representation, please submit a representation application.

A photograph of Celebrity Branding Agency clients having a discussion at a round table.
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