The Celebrity Branding® Process Stage 4

To become a celebrity brand, you must discover and present yourself in a unique and compelling way.

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Growing Your Celebrity Brand

Stage 4

By the time you arrive at Stage 4, you are beginning to shift from serving yourself to serving others.

Your brand’s equity is the value that is derived from consumer perception of the brand rather than the brand itself. 

What that means is that we live in a world that values proximity to power.

At this stage it’s time to look outward for projects and brands to collaborate with that will raise your stock. 

This is perceived value by way of osmosis!

When you associate your brand with well-known people and exciting projects, there is a transfer equity.

Every entrepreneur has a story that can become the foundation of a brand that moves masses, inspires change, and generates millions of dollars in revenue.

Who are you?

Our clients have written books with people like legendary sportscaster Dickie V, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Keni Thomas, whose story inspired the movie Black Hawk Down.

A picture of the cover for the book "Turning Point" with Jack Canfield.

Other clients have gone on to become co-producers and executive producers on movies like the exciting and powerful documentaries from Abundance Studios.

Imagine being able to tell your prospects, audience, friends and family that you are writing a best-selling book with a celebrity they know. 

Or that you’ll be visiting a movie set and attending a movie premier! 

Or that you’re working with organizations that are changing the world with their philanthropic efforts.

An image of the poster for "Dickie V", an Abundance Films documentary.

This is the stage of Celebrity Branding that helps you become the most interesting person in any room!

Your Brand Is Your Story®

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